Well, this is my first blog in this category! I had a blog and I wanted to start blogging about my MBA journey. So I was in a big dilemma whether to start a new blog or continue with the existing one with a new category. After a lot of conflict of interest, I decided to create a new blog. The main reason being the fact that this journey of MBA pursuit will consume a good enough blog space to keep it separate from my other journey of life.

Recently, I have been tracing a lot of blogs of the fellow MBA applicants and the GURUs who are MBA in the making. The amount of information that it has given me has definitely taken me aback! This is how I thought of sharing my ideas with this community which is helping everyone by sharing their first hand experiences.

For intro, I am an IT professional (overheard in MBA blog space – what else do expect an Indian MBA aspirant to be??) working in the product development domain aspiring for MBA in US/India in 2009. I was done with the first hurdle – GMAT in 07. After some relaxation , the time has come to start this journey afresh for making it to the class of 2011. So what have I been doing recently? I have been doing a lot of research on B-schools, analyzing  my  profile so that I can apply to the schools that seem more realistic than ideal. Overall, I am keeping schools like Kelley, McCombs, Carlson, W.P. Carey, etc. in my mind.

Hope to hear from the like minded people soon! Adios!


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  1. can you tell me briefly about your profile and gmat score.

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