MBA is all about the brand name!

Sorry for going into hibernation for sometime.

I have this feeling that some of you out there are looking for MBA just because you are completely fed up with your job. You desperately need a change and so you are ready to go to just “ANY” B-school and grab that “MBA” degree overlooking the quality of the program. Or for some of you, the time is running out and it is – now or never – situation for you. I belong more to the second category and so was thinking of applying to some schools under SAFE category. Now these belong to the – Oh! NEVER heard of that! – schools even for most of the foreign MBA aspirants. But the security to get into a B-school was not letting them off from my shortlist!

Not Any More!! A phone conversation with a dear friend made me realize that MBA is all about the brand name!! Think of spending a 100 grand dollars and then introducing yourself to someone. Then he says – ‘Oh, wow! (does this school exist somewhere?)’ . Ring any bells?

So now I have decided to apply only to the dream and the reach schools and take the risk of getting dinged altogether! :). Touch wood! But there is no point just getting over it if there is no value add to your personality and if it doesn’t provide the launch pad for your career to take off. MBA is a one time activity (for me) and so I better get it done from a school with a collateral life long brand value! Keeping my fingers crossed! I just heard it somewhere – Deserve before you desire. This year is going to be the litmus test! Oh yeah, and thanks Aashish!