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Life = Drag Race?

Procrastination of plans -> Introspection => I was introspecting how I had spent last month and finally concluded that I didn’t get enough time to complete the planned activities (this included completing the general profile and future goals essays and shaping the resume). Status – NOT STARTED! Add to it the preparations of the TOEFL test that is due shortly – things are stockpiling now! It was not that I was freaking out either – the hectic work schedule for the past month was a result of our M committing to unrealistic deadlines and us(team) converting it into reality! 🙂  (When will I be in his shoes??). K – so I can have a peaceful sleep now.

But what next? Suddenly I could relate where life is heading to the Drag Race in NFS UG! A few glitches here and there, bumpy, curvy road, relentless competition and uncertainties and shocks are all over the place (even worse if you have a graphics card…). It is time to shift the right gears at the right time, concentrate on what is about to come, duck all the obstacles and watch out what is happening behind the scenes. One mistake is all it is going to take to make you(me) a loser! And a new game means another year – how costly is that?

As you might know, the first gear shift is the most important and requires a perfect timing in the drag race! Hope I make it to the race that is about to begin!


One Response

  1. Another year seems extremely costly, we need to win the race, and win it this time !

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