What after MBA?

Dear Life,

How are you? I know I have been ignoring you a little off late and you have a valid reason to be wild at me. I know how you like me jog in the park in the early morning or how you like me when I hold guitar in my lap. That you are complaining of how I have not kept in touch with my old friends with whom I used to chat for hours (not together ;)). Did my friends complain that I have forgotten them or that I have become narcissist, now that they know of my ambition to pursue MBA? What about my relatives who want me to come to my native and spend a few days with them? I am sure they would have become a little cranky as every time they call me, I shrug their invitation off! And I know that it has been a long time that I took you out on a vacation.

I know we have a great time when we do all of the above mentioned things together. But what should I do? Don’t I have to give you the directions in future so that we can keep on cherishing this journey together? Well, this is one time when I am doing the ground work for our smooth sailing in the future while also accompanying you in this travel. And today, it comes at the cost of negotiating the above ills with you. While doing so, I will have to do things that you may not like. I want you to be strong and keep the same faith in me that you have kept for all these years. This bitterness might continue for quite a while and I want you to swallow it like a pill so that you don’t feel it.

But it is not so bad. The dark cloud has got a silver lining. I am getting to know many new things which I wouldn’t have known, had I not opted to go out of the way. The knowledge base is expanding. The learning curve is steep and closely resembles the inflation curve. This feat is giving me a deeper understanding of where I would like to see myself (you) in the near future provided things fall in place.

It is not that I have stopped liking you. In fact, there is nothing to complain of and you have always given me what I have deserved, sometimes even more. But I just want to give my career a boost to see if I can take you a close second to king size. So I have bought some time. The moment I cross the finish line or go bankrupt with time, whichever happens first, I promise to patch up with you. In the long run, I promise to spend more wholesome time with you than run behind the materialistic achievements that come at the cost of one’s hobbies, health, family or friends.



3 Responses

  1. Nice. I know the feeling. Especially during GMAT, I literally went AWOL. My friends did not think I would return. I am still now only half the man I was, because of these darn’ essays. Yet, now there are only just over 2 months before R1 closes. There is not long to go…

  2. Wow!!
    I cud have written this letter to my life too!!

    Seriously this MBA app thing is taking too much toll off my life.. And these days the ppl I call up most r mostly the ppl who’re co-applicants!!

  3. @all : just wanted to see the difference in what I have thought of and what it actually becomes. It will be fun to read this letter after 3-4 years 🙂

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