The Shortlist!

Long time since I wanted to make it official! I have been doing all the homework and accessing the – best fit schools – for my profile.  And here is the list :

Asia :

1. ISB – Super Dream – Cut throat competition -a sweetheart of every desi aspirant!-amazing global standard – our desi harvard-fast forward no-nonsense MBA!

Going for the big one and would like to give it a shot!

2. NUS – Realistic – Advantage Asia!- NUS MBA can be customized into no-frills-one-year MBA. This could be great if right opportunities strike and you can get the dream job in one year instead of slogging for two years. Need to do more research on this though!

3. NTU – a fallback option for B-Schools in Asia.

US: Mainly looking for technology concentration with a mix of general management!

1. CMU – Great school(top in technology)- very costly-scholarship is a must!-Dream!

2. McCombs – Again among the top in technology -bit costly – a good gamble without scholarship- Reach!

3. Kelley – Great in General Management – awesome community -great collaboration- most wannabe and realistic!

4. Carlson and W.P. Carey – fallback options in U.S. – though low overall rank(20-30), decent for technology concentration!

Though the list is not as fundoo as some of the fellow applicants, I feel it is more realistic considering the profile. My biggest worry is the work ex which on the wrong side of average work ex!(3 yrs by fall 09, decent profile being the only saving grace) . With all ivy league schools having an avg. work ex of around 5 yrs, I really doubt if shelling out extra dollars for them is really worth it! And again as I have all ready posted, MBA is all about the brand name! So can’t compromise any further and the above mentioned schools seem to be the best bet! The 1000$ question is how good will it be to go ahead and take a shot at schools such as Ross, Duke, etc that seem more ideal than realistic at this point in time! Pointers are welcome…

P.S. : Started on ISB essays…applying in R1!


4 Responses

  1. Good going Maverick,

    But I feel you should include some dream schools in your app. Applying to all realistic and finally if you get in one those, you’ll wish you had at least taken a big shot.

    All the best with your ISB app, I have yet to start with it. Procrastinating me. 😦


  2. I agree with the post above. You should definitely app to a couple of dream schools. A few hundred dollars per school will not seem too much if you do get admitted into those schools – so go ahead 🙂

  3. Thanks guys…that was motivating… I think Ross is going to get lucky :). Application season has begun in full swing and so the lull in the blog space! ATB to junta for apps….

  4. You have to know that firms that are serious about MBA only hire from accredited schools and the other programs are just like an MS for jobs where the masters is a legal requirement but quality is not. You will not learn anything you can use from a degree mill and no one will hire you. Even when they have AACSB, they give different pay for different school quality.

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