Updates – ISB Submitted!

Just a quick update to keep my friends posted! Glad to say that the first attempt to make it to the B-School is accomplished! Last week has seen mood swings from being apprehensive over giving a finishing touch to the application to getting excited about pressing the magic button! After a number of drafts, redrafts and some last minute rephrasing, the ISB essays have gone a long way before reaching the adcom. I did have a couple of sleepless nights (around 5 hours…that’s sleepless for me!!) with the number 15 haunting me at times! But it was a necessary evil. Completed the application well before the deadline and the overall process was smooth in the end. And finally the recommenders did their job today at the wee hours but finally made it to the finish line! I heaved a sigh of relief after getting the – application complete – SMS from ISB. (Well, I could have written about the experience before, but was just waiting for the things to fall into place). ISB adds another feather in its cap by keeping the applicants well informed about the status! Well done ISB!

What next? With around 5-6 more schools to apply in R1, I won’t have the kind of time I had for ISB. Counting on the heresy that it is easy to deal with the essays of the other schools once you are done with the essays for the first one! With approximately ten nights per school, it is going to be the race against time. But I have loved it so far.

Sometimes it feels good to struggle and progress in all the fronts in life. At least it is setting up the right attitude to deal with future. OK no more sermons! (Hope those two words boosts your confidence by two inches!). Time for LAP 2! ATB!


3 Responses

  1. We seem to be at the same stage :). Best of luck!

  2. […] his ISB application while staying on its campus. Maverick also submitted his ISB application…and moved on to six other applications. Always Thinking turned out to be “advanced mid’ in his proficiency in Chinese (part of […]

  3. We are at the same stage. Good luck with the process ahead!

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