Ross ain’t so rosy!

Just a few updates! Finally submitted the Ross application just a day before the deadline. Didn’t write in between as there was nothing special except working on Ross application and balancing the work load. And then I had a short trip to my hometown to get me some real quick, short break! I am back energized! Will be working on Carey next.

The list still looks long and will need a lot of enthu and stamina to nail all the applications by Nov end! This time crunch is not letting me keep in touch with my close ones. The only people I am in touch with are my parents, recommenders and reviewers. Another one and half months of just drafting essays and then re-drafting them again and again. (News editors do this everyday! Wow! Never in my life would I have written so much!!) I am just waiting to get over with this process so that I can get back to normal life and look forward to the new thrill of how it pays off!

However, the grass doesn’t seem that green on the other side! I had attended one of the sessions by MBA tour and it looks like the slowdown in U.S. is going to take its toll on the scholarships as well! Add to that the depreciation of rupee that is hovering around 50 against dollar now! That’s going to burn 25% deeper hole in the pocket! A difference of approximately a million Rupees doesn’t sound that encouraging considering the sky rocketing cost of doing the MBA abroad. The slowdown has given a new height to the cost-cutting and lay off. Spending in dollars for the applications is still affordable though spending for the program without any aid is giving me jitters. I am just counting on time to set things on track again. The journey seems to be stretched and it really be worth it.

Rest all fine and hectic! 2 down and many to go! Wishing my fellow friends a lot of energy, and and a quarter more luck and hope – ATB!


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