Journey so far – half way through!

To start with…wish you all a belated happy diwali and a very admitting (admit to the school ie ;)) new year!

Ya…with the submission of Carey and McCombs, the application journey is half way through! Last few days have been really hectic with lot of things in the plate with sweet dish being the ISB interview (fingers crossed!). It was not that I was not getting any free time, but whatever I got was used for relaxing which was a must (guitaring/music/jog). I feel that relaxation – say even a break of half an hour – is the key to keep your perseverance through this long, ardous effort of application process.

Carey and McCombs have a pretty relaxed word limit on the essays – you can imagine things as they would have happened as you run through the essays. The word limit for Carey was around 700 words per essay whereas for McCombs it gradually reduced from 900 to 350. This is expected to give a decent idea of me as a person to the adcom. Hope they are able to figure it out!

I am finding that the essay writing is getting more familiar as I progress with the schools one by one. The goals, career progression, etc. are taking firm roots now and coming easy on the paper. Now that the ideas are strong, it is just a matter of putting the right words to take care of the word limit – the gist remains the same – and half the essays are done! Hope most of my friends out there also second my opinion.

The idea of applying to a safe school is still at bay and I have decided to take the risk – afterall reach schools are something you ought to get into now that you have what it takes!!

Feeling half as good half way and awaiting to finish by taking the breaks (and brakes :)) on the way! Njoi! ATB!


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