Updates – IVed by W.P. Carey and Kelley

And it feels great again! But I have given up pinning hopes to anything now. I am trying to think of this application process being as objective as possible. Do whatever you can. Leave the rest to the school. If you have it, the school will set the doors wide open and roll out a red carpet for you. If you don’t, well there is one more year to take the constructive feedback and then work on it. In fact, don’t wait too long, as the dings come on the way, you will get a clarity on what is really missing in the bigger picture. In the end, it doesn’t even matter (or does it??).

Nyways, now let’s get to the meat. Carey was along a webcam interview which lasted for fifty minutes and it was a great experience. Carey does take interview seriously and is an inherent part of the admission process. The time duration shows this. They want you to talk. They want to know your perspective, how you react, how you handle the situation and what have you been through. They will present you with a case study as well. Found this really fascinating. The interview will give you a tinge of what the B-school is gonna be like and it will give them an idea of whether you fit in. Questions were right from why mba, why now to the difficult times in the team, leadership, etc. And it was pretty conversational. Kelley’s was a phone interview and it was short and precise. It lasted for around 25 mins. Crisp usual questions, and I gave to-the-point answers. Disclaimer – these are my personal views.

Moreover, I am done with the application process. So feeling a bit relieved yet sometimes boring (you suddenly find some free time and keep wondering what to do). Last three and a half months have been great – and there won’t be any regrets – come what may! And yes, when will the governmet take measures to prevent things instead of curing it at the cost of the lives of our brave soldiers?


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