MBA or no MBA?

I would like to discuss this in two different perspectives.

Firstly, will I make it to the MBA class of 2011? Things are still not looking up for certain. First a ding, then a waitlist, then a ding and then a ‘would be’ ding. Oh yes…got dinged by McCombs without interview in the month of Nov. which I came to know only yesterday. And surprisingly did not even receive an email! And there I was pinning my hopes on the slow processing of applications for which McCombs is known. Do they expect the applicant to login and check the application status everyday? I am kind of disappointed with the way this communication (or rather the lack of it) took place. I am sure of the ding from Ross as well. I will be just completing a formality to confirm it on this 15th. Anyways, now it is either looking for plan B or just wait and watch how things take their course. I am expecting the next month to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride when the beans of R1 are spilled out. I have no hopes neither do I feel disappointed right now. This might also be because I am getting to read many ding stories in the blogosphere. The surge in the number of applications has definitely made it difficult to get in. Even if you feel that everything in the application process has gone your way, I bet you can never be sure of anything. “you can never be sure” becomes the mantra of the application process of 2011! Believe me guys, if you have made it to your dream school as of now, you are one of the very few precious ones (I am not using lucky because I know you have really earned it the hard way!). And you are lucky to have evaded all the anxiety and mood swings during this long and tiring wait! Congratulations!

My second perspective on the title is whether do you really need an MBA? Now, I know you can point out people like Lakshmi Mittal who don’t have an MBA. But I strongly feel that for a common aspirant who wants to take up control and start managing things to execute bold business decisions at an early stage in his life, an MBA is a must. I know that a few people out there might argue and boast of getting into managerial positions without going to the school, but then, I would quote these people as exceptions. An MBA won’t turn you into a manager or a leader. It is not a processing unit which takes you in and manufactures you into a leader. Leaders don’t need a mechanized process in the making. What they need is opportunities. That’s why an MBA and that’s what it does –it opens new doors where you will get to step out and traverse the path that would never come your way otherwise, at least not within the same time frame. An MBA is there to hone the skills (and not to build them in the first place) so that you know the ABC of business industry and how things function at a higher level. That is what they (the schools) try to find out before offering you a position in their class – do you have the skill set? Are you ready and better than others to face the challenging world of business if they give you an opportunity? So unless you have a big setup to run from your ancestry and if you are one of the youngsters like me who want to break into the world of business, you do need an MBA!


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