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MBA it is! W.P. Carey says YES!

Oh yes! Finally the long, anxious B-journey is set to end on a positive note. I am feeling most relieved and happy right now, something I couldn’t feel simultaneously for past one year. I am letting the feeling to sink in and I will let it take its own time.

W.P. Carey offers Supply Chain and Information Systems as its flagship courses, something I look forward to specialize in. All my efforts and investments in terms of time and money have paid off! With hopes hanging by a thread, this MBA journey had reached a junction where I had started doubting my capabilities and was having second thoughts on starting it again right from giving the GMAT. However, I am glad to reach this milestone and prove myself wrong for once!  I will tell you the story of dings and details of my waitlist strategy later and you can read them as archives :). Finally….allz well that end’s well!

A new journey is about to begin….


2 Responses

  1. Congrats!! Allz well that ends well 🙂 Party hard !!

  2. I live next to ASU and the amount of girls you will see there will drive you crazy… sometimes i get the feeling that everyone of them is a model. Congrats!

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