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The admit packet is here…

….and it only adds to my joy! I have been awarded with some merit based scholarship and it definitely helps mitigating the financial burden of pursuing an MBA in the United States! A few thousand dollars saved is still a lot of rupees earned! In fact, even the thought of going for a U.S. MBA during these troubled times would have seemed far-fetched for a not-born-with-golden-spoon Indian like me had it not been for the scholarship. But now with the aid, the kind of exposure it will offer within two years and a little ambition to experience life the U.S. ishtyle somewhere in the corner of the heart makes it a risk worth taking! I hope so! I have my Nanyang result awaiting but I am not really waiting for it. I still don’t know how generous Nanyang will be when it comes to offering scholarships. Also, W.P. Carey has got a much better reputation in terms of technology specialization and most importantly, it offers a truly global MBA with all the prominent aspects of any niche U.S. MBA program. It may not be in the Ivy league today, but it is catching up at a decent pace. So unless Nanyang really pulls a rabbit out of the hat, it is going to be W.P. Carey for me.

I think next few weeks will pass by completing the formalities, figuring out the finances, etc. which is better and different than the wait game. Things have moved on since last week and whatever is happening is still a little hard to digest! But then, that is life – sometimes it will surprise you with the good news just when you think you have screwed it up!


6 Responses

  1. ‘that is life – sometimes it will surprise you with the good news just when you think you have screwed it up!’ – well said ! I’m sure the next few weeks and months would keep you sufficiently busy and excited!

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  3. Hi,
    can you tell me some of the things you did to strengthen your application while you were wait listed at Carey?
    my email id is vishwanath.sreeraman@gmail.com


  4. Congrats on the admit! Receiving the packet really seals the deal, doesn’t it? Good luck with it all!

  5. want to extend my very, very belated congratulations. right now i’m working on my essays for round II MBA applications. dreaming of an admit letter. hope you are enjoying sunny PHX : )

  6. […] the real challenges of being an international student pursuing an MBA in the states, Maverick felt lucky to get some merit-based funding from W.P. Carey and was even more relieved  that he was …. MissionMBA was also deciding to brave financial uncertainty and moved forward on his Emory […]

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