Waitlist -> Admit – How?

Oh k! So here is my waitlist strategy that I would like to share.  How I handled the “waitlist” situation reflected what I read from here n there, so a few points might be a repetition. Instead of giving a detailed explanation, I would like to cut the long story short by highlighting the specifics or TO-DO’s:

1. Let the adcom know that you are interested! – Respond to the mail quickly and let the adcom know that you are still very much looking forward to join the school.

2. Prepare your own waitlist strategy – Yes! This helps. Just ruminate over your application and identify the weak points – GMAT, essays, work-ex, diversity factor, extra-curriculars, recommendations, etc. – there gotta be at least one that you are aware of! Then think of the documents you would like to submit to overcome these in the limited time frame.

3. Fix up the waitlist appointment if possible – This is to know the strengths and weaknesses in your applications. You need to know what went well and where you fell short.

4. Discuss your waitlist strategy – After knowing what went wrong, discuss your waitlist strategy during your appointment. Tell them that you have already thought of it and have started working on it. Point 2 will help you here. This shows that you are genuinely interested and are ready to take the additional pain to convert your waitlist into an admit. Be ready to incorporate changes depending on how the adcom responds to your strategy.

5. Take enough time to make strong add-ons to your application – The quality matters! What is it that you have done during the waitlist period that you deserve to make it? If you have certain important milestones to cover during this period, wait for them so that you can highlight them in the essays. At the same time, be wary of not getting too late and missing the bus!

6. Keep in touch with the adcom – Keep them informed about your progress on the waitlist action items. This again shows your interest in the process.

That’s it! That’s what I did! I feel the bottom line is convincing the adcom that you do fit their school despite of other reasons. I hope this helps….ATB!