Yes….and here are things that have happened so far:

Good News : I got linked from Accepted.com here and The GMAT Club here for my post on Waitlist -> Admit – How? Well, it feels really great to get recognized from some of the most trusted sources known for MBA mentoring.

Bad News : I couldn’t pay attention to blogging because I did not have anything concrete to share then. But it is not the only explanation for my hiatus.

Good News : I got nominated for the BoB award by Clearadmit for 09-09. Wow!

Bad News : I am coming to know that only today, now that the game is over on 24th (results out on 28th) !! Congrats to Ahembeea and MissionMBA, I knew you would make it there in top 5!

Good News : I got an invite as a judge (ya you heard that right) from Accepted.com for the Beautiful B-School Photo Contest.

Bad News : Again…it is too late….got to know this only today! (the contest ended on 30th April)

Here is my side of this story filled with agony and ecstacy. I last blogged on 12th March and kept following the comments for a few days. (And the way I do it is w/o logging in). Then say after a couple of weeks, I thought my blog entry had become stale and did not bother to check for comments that often (again w/o logging in. Well I usually log in to post comments or for posting a new entry). Due to other activities, I was barely keeping an eye on the blogs in the Hella’s list but came to know about the nominations for BoB in the meantime. However, I couldn’t see any comment on my blog(ya ya…w/o logging in) and so assumed that I was not in the game. To make things worse, the email id to get comments notification is an outdated one, something I usually don’t bother to check. So there I was, under the assumption that I have not missed anything in my blog, toiling myself into personal and professional activities. A lot many things happened in between. More on that later…

Cut to last weekend…I was out of station, came back yesterday night and finally logged in my blog today morning to post a new entry and suddenly I couldn’t take my eyes off the comments section. I saw the first comment about the nomination for BoB by Clearadmit as – Unapproved (obviously it didn’t appear in the comments section before as I was checking it out w/o logging in) and another one about the invitation from Accepted.com to judge the Beautiful B-School Photo Contest (This was posted in the “About” section of my blog which I did not happen to explore since my last post). I am feeling really silly (or stupid might fit even better) now that I happen to miss the bus solely due my dereliction and letting the Murphy’s law take over! But then, in hindsight, glad to know that I was considered…

Good News : I have got to learn a lot (at least the basics are in place) about blogging from these mistakes. Hope it helps some of you people as well. Don’t just visit your own blog. Log in (quite frequently)/configure your email setting to bridge any communication gaps to make the most of it!

At last, I would like to express my hearty thanks to Clearadmit, Accepted.com and The GMAT Club for showing the recognition. I will try to give a better response next time!

P.S. : This is not the entry I was going to post. Will post the actual one soon!!


4 Responses

  1. Hey don’t worry. These things happen. I’m sure that henceforth you’d pay more attention thats due to your blog :-). Congratulations for the nomination btw!

  2. looking forward to new posts / congrats for your bob nomination – i luckily got informed via twitter just days before it ended…

  3. En Route, You are welcome to join as a visiting blog author at GMAT Club – we’d love to have you if you are interested. Please PM me on the forum or email. BB.

  4. Thanks ahembeea and bizwiz. I got in touch with Accepted.com and was just able to make it on time to accept the judge invitation!

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