My visa interview

So just before telling the visa experience, here are the probable questions:

1. Why do you want to go to the U.S.?

2. Why have you decided to study in this particular college?

3. How will you take care of your expenses?

4. How many colleges did you apply to?

5. What will bring you back?/What are your future plans?/Why will you come back?

6. What is the annual income of your family?

My visa appointment was at 7.00 am in Chennai. I had booked a room in Hotel New Woodlands (recommended – value for money!) so that I could relax on the previous day. I reached the embassy at 6.30 am and joined the queue outside the embassy. Please don’t carry your cell phones, just carry the docs in a harmonium folder and dress in formals (tie not needed at all!). After showing the visa appointment letter, I was let in (everything inside is A/C of course :)) and all the docs in the folder were scrutinised by security. Then I had to go to a counter where the person asked me for all the DS forms, I-20, Passport, Bachelor degree certificate and GMAT and TOEFL score reports and arranged them in a new folder. Thumbs’ and forefingers’ scan was done. I was now asked to go to the adjacent building where there was a waiting lounge (Just carry the new folder as it is with all the docs). I was there waiting for my turn by 7.30 am. The counters where visa is issued were closed then. By 8 am, a couple of counters opened and I was 4th in the queue. Within 5 mins, I got my turn.


VO(Visa Officer) – So when did you complete your graduation? – year

VO – In what class did you complete your graduation? – blah

VO – Did you have any backlogs during your graduation? – (what?) – NO!

VO – How long you have been working? – x years with xyz

VO – So you gave your GMAT. – yes (and he took a look at the score report)

VO – (Looking at I-20) Congratulations on your GA! – thanks

VO – O.K. Your visa has been issued – thanks a lot!

That’s it!! Done! It would have lasted less than 45 secs. It took a while to digest the fact that something that was going on at the back of my mind since a month was so easy to deal with! (But then, prepare well…prepare for the worse!). Visa is probably the last, miniscule but eminent hurdle to reach your dream B-School. But then, I feel that it is an objective process. That being said, you can bank on the VO provided that you have prepared well for the basic questions, don’t falter during the interview and have all the necessary documents in place. All the best!


3 Responses

  1. Congrats man… Me still waiting for my I-20.
    So when are you off?


  2. @Raghu – Thanks! Plan to fly sometime around first week of Aug!

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