Now that the visa is done, I have enough time on my plate to take things smoothly. Although there are things like scouring an apartment, booking flight tickets, taking(practising) cooking lessons, shopping for a mini-marriage (ya that’s what I like to call it ;)) and making other arrangements, I am taking life at its own pace and yet able to manage things pretty much on time. Fortunately, I don’t have to slog to death in office now that I have put down my papers. So the notice period is turning out to be a regular 9 to 6 job. And right now I am on a vacation spending time with my family and friends and suddenly I am finding a lot of free time when all my other friends are busy (at least on weekdays!). The six months before last two months were so different. I had to juggle my time between my job, applications, essays, preparing for interviews, working with an NGO and then also give time to hobbies. The six months after two months are never going to be the same again either. So I guess now is the time to tinker and just enjoy (and get used to) not doing anything serious. Gosh! Times do change. The past one year has been a witness to this and it has been one remarkable journey.

Application process takes one full year of commitment and then it gifts you with a small stint with leisure time (provided you make it before R3 results). I am fascinated with the very thought of how things would be after two or so months. Going back to student life is going to be as exciting as getting the first offer letter! Till then, I am putting the juggler inside me to sleep and getting the freak out!


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