Getting set to go…

Quite a while since my last post.  Last month has seen myriad of small things falling in place, getting me closer and more prepared to fly in August. On my professional front, I have resigned and will be serving another three weeks before I pack up and get back to my hometown.

On my MBA front, I am done with finalizing the roommies and the apartment. So that is one relatively big worry that has been dealt with. All the Indian junta who will be joining W.P. Carey SoB with me has formed a group on Google and we are in touch through chain mails. It is amazing to experience how people in the same situation gel so well when it comes to sharing and attacking common concerns. I have personally spoken to almost half of my Indian classmates and it is surprisingly pleasing to know that very soon, I will be a part of this exuberant community. The regular chat sessions organized by W.P. Carey has significantly helped in communicating with the seniors and relevant faculty members and I would have loved to attend their Meet and Greet sessions, but cannot for obvious reasons.

The itinerary, airlines and the ticket booking is also done and I have zeroed in on Continental Airlines which takes you to Phoenix in apprx. 22 hours from Mumbai. I am already taking tips for long travel in the flight from my friends so that I can boast of a plan to avoid jet lag (well…umm…the first (un)official plan to enter this new phase of planning :)). With oil prices again steadily touching $70/barrel, IMO, it would be wise to get done with the flight tickets soon before it reflects in the international air fares. The domestic air travel in India is all set to get dearer by apprx. Rs. 400.

On the shopping front, I have got a suit, a pair of good formal shirts and trousers, ties, a pair of formal shoes with laces, spare set of spectacles, footwear and casual wear of course. Utensils are still pending on the checklist!

Err…w.r.t laptop, all the W.P. Carey MBA students are required to buy and ship a laptop to the school well before the program starts and I am finalizing on HP G60t series.

So things are all getting set I guess and I am eagerly waiting to commence this MBA journey and embrace the Indian American lifestyle! ASU <-> USA calling….


3 Responses

  1. Hey Maverick, good luck for the road ahead!

  2. Thanks Metal!

  3. […] the breakdown of where Kellogg students end up residing. W.P. Carey ‘11 Maverick had his own Indian MBA junta and just a few more things to purchase before he would be ready for school to start. Last week Metal wrote about the relative importance […]

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