Just do it!

“Don’t tell me that it is not possible. Don’t tell me that you don’t have time. Everything is possible…EVERYTHING. If you think it is impossible, then may be don’t need it bad enough. If you think it is impossible…then may be you don’t have enough desire to achieve it…Only losers give excuses like that…and you are not one of them…you are young…you are the energy…you are the potential…you are tomorrow…you are here to realize your dreams! So buckle down and show me some will….show me that you can fight this battle as if it was only meant for winning! ”

Guys…as the job market and the internship opportunities have worsened, I know many of you will reflect on the feeling that the world is closing in on you. Hence a few words of courage!

P.S. : I am done with the first tri….and it did made me realize what I am good at…and what I am not! The learning was immense…and overall it was a good show! Bracing up for the internship search now…hope someone is out there to let me try my hand at supply chain management! MBA is indeed learning a lot outside the classroom! ATB to my fellow friends for the summers and well I know that this is the time when the MBA aspirants must be going great guns…best luck!